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Is the Allure Beauty Box worth it?

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Is the Allure Beauty Box worth it?

Is the Allure Beauty Box worth it? This is a question I’ve been getting from friends and family for a while now. When I was first introduced to the Allure Beauty Box,  I also was a littl skeptical about why i needed ANOTHER beauty subscription box. It looked like every other box that was delivered to my door every month, but everything changed when I opened it up. It became clear that this wasn’t just any other subscription box: it was a carefully curated selection of beauty products hand-picked by the experts from Allure magazine.  These people select the best of Beauty products from all the products they try all year long.  What could be better?

Allure Beauty Box Review

What is the cost?

The Allure Beauty Box costs $23 per month, billed each month on the first of the month. However there are longer plans that you can sign up for.  If you want to commit to 3 months the prices is $60 total billed every 3 months, bringing the cost down to  $20 per box.  Where signing up for the annual plan is $228 billed once, averaging $19 per box. Shipping is included in the price already so no extra surprise shipping charges.

You cancel at any time during your subscription period if you don’t want another box. If you sign in your account, under manage subscription you can cancel, Or just call customer service at 855-291-2258 or email help@allurebeautybox.com.

What’s inside the box?

Each Allure Beauty Box is a surprise. You won’t know exactly what you’re getting until it arrives at your door, but here’s what I can tell you: The box will contain 6+ beauty products.  At least 3 of them will be full size and the total value will be over $100.

Allure Beauty Box January 2023

For the month of January 2023 I received the following items:

This box had a retail value of $192.90 all for the bargain price of $23.

Each box also includes a booklet with information about each product you receive.  It includes great information about each product, why you’ll love the product and how to use them.  There’s also discount codes included for each of the items in case you decide you want to purchase more.

How do you get your Allure Beauty Box?

To subscribe to the box, you’ll need to go to the Allure Beauty Box website here and sign up. You can choose your plan there and wait to receive your first box. The process is super easy.

Allure Beauty Box January 2023 Informational Booklet

Is there a way to customize your box?

The Allure Beauty Box is not customizable, but there are a few ways that you can make it more your own.

Occasionally an item will be offered that will come in colors, or shades (think foundation) and making sure you choose the best option for you will make it feel more personalized.  In addition, you can purchase items in the members only store at a deeply discounted rate. These items are an added fee to the subscription box price, but you get to choose which items you want to receive.  This is not mandatory, so you can completely skip this option as well.

So Is the Allure Beauty Box worth it?

If you’re a beauty junkie and want to try new products, the Allure Beauty Box is worth it. It’s also worth it if you want to save money on beauty products.

The total retail value that you receive each month compared to the price paid for the box makes it a great value. It’s a great way to try new beauty products without the cost and potentially discover some new favorite items.  I also use some of the products that I receive as gifts for friends and family.

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