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Disney Snow White x ColourPop Makeup Collection Review

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Disney Snow White x ColourPop Makeup Collection Review

Disney Snow White ColourPop Makeup Collection

Y’all know my love for all things Disney. I’m a sucker for all the makeup collections that come out. Snow White is my favorite princess because we share the dark hair and love for red lipstick. This Snow White x ColourPop collection was an immediate add to cart and checkout.

What is the Disney Snow White ColourPop Makeup Collection?

This collection is perfect for your inner princess. Y’all it has an actual handheld “magic” mirror and a lip scrub packaged as an apple. Can it be any cuter?  The collection offers 3 super shock blush options, 1 eyeshadow palette with 12 colors, 2 lipstick kits, and the aforementioned magic mirror and apple lip scrub.

Disney x ColourPop Snow White Super Shock Blushes

These cream to powder blushes are fit for royalty.  Each color gives a perfectly natural hue with a glowy finish. They can be applied with a brush for a soft finish or built up with a blender for a more pigmented finish.  The retail price for each blush is $10.

Disney Snow White ColourPop Super Shock Blushes

The 3 colors options are:

  • i wish i wish – pink with a gold finish
  • fair enough – pink red (think ruby red grapefruit color) with a gold finish
  • just rosy – blackberry and pink with a chrome finish

Disney x ColourPop Snow White Dreams Come True Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

Snow White ColourPop Shadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette is a balance of the fair hues and the bold colors that represent snow white. It’s a great balance of matte, metallic and sparkle options to make infinite looks.  I love how they used the colors from her costume to make this palette have those snow white vibes. This eyeshadow palette retails for $22.

Snow White ColourPop Eyeshadow Palette

Colors in this palette are:

  • Spell Breaker – metallic white
  • With a Smile- matte ivory
  • Ever After – super shock soft gold with pink finish
  • Such Grace – matte vibrant pastel peach
  • Someday – matte peach pink
  • True Love – metallic gold
  • My Prince – metallic copper pink
  • Carried Away – matte sparkle mauve
  • In the Land – matte brick red
  • Charmed – metallic candy apple bright red
  • Just One Kiss – metallic bright blue
  • Faraway – matte sparkle black

Disney x ColourPop Snow White Lux Lipstick Kits

Now you know I was immediately looking at the lip kits. Do I need anymore red colored lipsticks? No. But I also don’t NOT need them. These lux lipstick kits are great because they come with the liner, lipstick and the gloss. So much versatility and you know they will all go together.  I love that they added a red apple flavor to these keeping with the snow white them.  Each set retails for $20, but you can buy a set with both colors for $35.

The colors are:

Disney x ColourPop Snow White Just One Bite Lip Scrub

Snow White ColourPop Just One Bite Lip Scrub

This adorably packaged lip scrub somes in the shape of an apple. Made with sugar crystals, shea butter, jojoba and almond oil, this scrube is perfect to keep that pout soft and smooth. Ready to coat in those beautiful red colors. This scrub retails for $12.

Disney x ColourPop Snow White Magic Mirror

Honestly, this was the thing that sent me over the edge. This handheld magic mirror is just perfection. It’s purple with gold decor, with the words “Make a Wish and Unlock the Magic” on the back. My vanity area is evil queen themed so this was an absolute MUST-HAVE for my vanity.

Where to buy this collection?

I was able to pick the whole collection up in one click on Colourpop.com here or Ulta.com here.

Obviously as a Disney and Snow White fan this collection was speaking directly to me. I love the colors and the cute accessories. I also really love the pricepoint of these. It means I can collect all the disney collabs.

Do you also love Disney Makeup and want to see more collections for review? Drop a comment below about your favorites in this collection.  Then check out my complete review of the It’s a Small World Collection here. To see more looks with this palette follow me on Instagram here.

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  1. Jennifer Pompaski

    Wow! I love the colors! The blue, pink and nudes in the colour pallette are awesome!

  2. […] my other reviews of some Disney inspired makeup. Recently, I picked up the Snow White collection and the It’s a Small World Collection. For a full look of this palette and my visit with the […]

  3. Natalie

    Okay…I had no idea Disney made legit makeup lines like this! My mother-in-law is OBSESSED with Disney – I am thinking this might have to be a Mother’s Day gift idea…!!!

    1. wisteria-admin

      There are so many. What a fun gift for her that she’ll love!

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