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The Mandalorian x ColourPop Makeup Collection Review

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The Mandalorian x ColourPop Makeup Complete Collection - Photo of Grogu Makeup Bag, Mandalorian makeup palette, Grogu makeup palette, Lip Oil duo and Baby Yoda Hand Mirror

The Mandalorian x ColourPop Makeup Collection Review

Mandalorian is back for Season 3 and with that ColourPop re-released this Mandalorian makeup collection to celebrate. I did not pick this up the first time the collection came out. I tend to shy away from steels and greens, but this time I couldn’t resist.

Cutest in the Galaxy Grogu Baby Yoda Makeup Bag with Mandalorian and Grogu Eyeshadow Palettes from ColourPop

What is the The Mandalorian ColourPop Makeup Collection?

This collection is actually super beautiful in person and has the cutest accessories. One of my favorite parts of these ColourPop Disney collabs is that they package them up in a one-click complete collection kit. The easier shopping the better. This collection comes with 2 eyeshadow palette sets, 1 lip oil duo, a makeup bag, and a handheld mirror. I’m a sucker for a handheld mirror.

The Mandalorian x ColourPop The Mandalorian Shadow Palette

This eye shadow palette was an absolute SHOCK for me. The colors are not something I would normally gravitate towards but I loved them in person. There are 9 colors, a mix of matte and shimmers. This palette on its own retails for $16.

The Mandalorian EyeShadow Palette from the Mandalorian x ColourPop Makeup Collection

The 9 colors options are:

  • Beskar Steel – Metallic Siler
  • Nevarro Sand – Matte Mustard Yellow
  • Bantha Tracks – Matte Cool Nude
  • Imperial Credit – Metallic Nickel
  • Clan of Two – Metallic Blackened Teal with a green flip and mauve undertone
  • Tatooine Glimmer – Metallic Antique Bronze
  • Mythosaur – Matte Soft Dove Grey
  • This is the Way – Matte Gray
  • Creed – Matte Chocolate with Silver pinpoints.

The Mandalorian x ColourPop The Child Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette is olive green themed, like Grogu/Baby Yoda/the child himself. But small as this palette is and the child himself, it packs a big punch in pigment that ColourPop is known for. I would never have purchased this palette if not for the fun theming. This palette also comes with 9 colors and retails for $16.

Mandalorian x ColourPop Grogu Makeup Palette

Colors in this palette are:

  • Precious cargo: Super Shock Opal Gold with pinpoints of silver glitter
  • Right Hand Mando: Metallic Icy Moss with pinpoints of silver glitter
  • Just Like a Tatooine:Matte Soft Saddle Brown
  • Sipping Soup: Metallic True Moss Green
  • Baby Face: Matte Matte Dustry Mint
  • The Forst: Ultra-Metallic Vibrant Antique Gold with pinpoints of gold glitter
  • Little Frog: Matte Matte Olive with flecks of silver glitter
  • Float Your Crib: Matte Blackened Matte Olive
  • Droid Protocol: Matte Warm Deep Brown

The Mandalorian x ColourPop The Rescue Lux Lip Oil Kit

While I’m always a sucker for a lipstick or lip gloss, I’m not drawn to lip oils. But I’m really glad I got these in the collection. The two colors are very sheer, one in a perfect neutral and the other in a clear sparkle. Both feel amazing on the lips. They went on so easy and not at all sticky like glosses can be. This duo retails for $20.

Mandalorian x ColourPop Lip Oil Duo - Din Djarin & Grogu

The colors are:

  • Din Djarin – Soft Warm Terracotta
  • Grogu – Clear with green, gold and silver glitter.

The Mandalorian x ColourPop Cutest in the Galaxy Makeup Bag

This cutest in the galaxy Grogu makeup bag is exactly that, the cutet in the galaxy. It’s a great size and perfect to store the whole mandalorian collection right inside. It’s made of canvas with a zipper closure and retails for $15.

Mandalorian x ColourPop Cutest in the Galaxy Baby Yoga Grogu Makeup Bag and Hand Mirror

The Mandalorian x ColourPop The Child Hand Mirror

This hand mirror is so darn cute. The back has Grogu on it looking as adorable as ever, and the mirror will keep you looking even better. While the mirror did feel small in my hand, it’s still a perfect addition to this collection. The mirror retails for $12.

Grogu Lip Oil Duo from Mandalorian ColourPop makeup Collection

Where to buy this collection?

I was able to pick the whole collection up in one click on Colourpop.com here.

This to me was a really surprising collection that I loved. I have said before how much I love the price point of these Disney collabs from ColourPop, and I can’t say that enough. The price point and novelty, along with the quality and pigment from ColourPop make this another hit. Plus I found some shades I otherwise would not have tried. I love when that happens. While I’m a binge-watcher and will wait until the end of the season to watch the Mandalorian in its entirety, I certainly will be using this makeup throughout the season.

Checkout my other reviews of some Disney inspired makeup. Recently, I picked up the Snow White collection and the It’s a Small World Collection. For a full look of this palette and my visit with the Mandalorian and the child, check out my youtube video here.

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  1. Rose

    Ohh…the eyeshadow colors look amazing!!! And the makeup bag is definitely the cutest makeup bag I’ve seen!

    1. wisteria-admin

      I love the makeup bag. So adorable.

  2. Katherine McLee

    This whole collection is so cute! The eyeshadow palette has a really cool selection of colours/shades!

    1. wisteria-admin

      More versatile than I expected!

  3. Kara

    I love the Mandalorian and need to catch up and start Season 3! That looks like a worthwhile purchase and I love the colors on both palettes!

    1. wisteria-admin

      The colors were surprisingly gorgeous!

  4. Sara

    Ah, this is a cute collection! Personally I’m afraid of wearing shades of green but I’m glad it works from other skin tones!

    1. wisteria-admin

      It’s so funny you say that. I was too. I have to add my pics to the post but I was very pleasantly surprised. I never would have picked this up except that they made it disney and I couldn’t resist 😂

  5. Angelica

    This collection is so cute and I’m obsessed with Star Wars this might be the color palette for me to try green shades : )

    1. wisteria-admin

      They’re so pretty! I’m also Star Wars obsessed so I get it. I’d buy anything with that adorable grogu on it.

  6. Cosmina Manea

    This collection is so cute! And I think Grogu is so adorable. I like the eyeshadow palette the most, as the colours are really versatile.

  7. Literally Laurie

    Super cute. I love the idea for my granddaughter for her Easter gift! LOVE.

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