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ColourPop Alice in Wonderland Collection Review: A Whimsical Makeup Journey

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ColourPOP Alice in Wonderland Full Makeup Collection

ColourPop Alice in Wonderland Collection Review: A Whimsical Journey Through Makeup

Hello, my fellow Disney loving makeup enthusiasts! Today, we’re taking a trip down the rabbit hole and exploring the magical ColourPop Alice in Wonderland collection. If you’re a fan of both makeup and the classic story, this collection will undoubtedly make your heart flutter. Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorites. I can remember watching the video over and over. When I reached high school and we finally read the book I was equally as in love with the book. So while Alice might not be as cute and popular as say the princesses, the nostalgia got me right away and I knew this was a must-have collection.

What is the ColourPop Alice in Wonderland Makeup Collection?

The ColourPop Alice in Wonderland collection is a whimsical makeup line inspired by the iconic story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This collection features a delightful array of eyeshadows, lip glosses, and a lip mask, all designed to transport you to a magical world of makeup. With its charming packaging and mesmerizing shades, the Alice in Wonderland collection is perfect for makeup lovers and dreamers alike, who wish to add a touch of fantasy to their everyday beauty routine.

ColourPop Alice in Wonderland Lost in Wonderland Shadow Palette

Prepare to be amazed by this imaginative 12-pan eyeshadow palette. The Lost in Wonderland Shadow Palette boasts a diverse range of colors, including soft pastels, bold brights, and rich neutrals. Each shade is inspired by the magical world of Wonderland, and the palette features a mix of matte, metallic, and shimmer finishes. These highly-pigmented shadows blend seamlessly and allow you to create a multitude of captivating looks, whether you’re attending a tea party or exploring the Queen’s garden. This palette retails for $22.

Alice in Wonderland ColourPop Eye Shadow Palette Cover

The 9 colors options are:

  • Down the Rabbit Hole – Metallic Soft Baby Blue with Gold Duochrome finish
  • I’m Late! -Pearlescent Glitter White Opal
  • Very Merry Unbirthday – Metallic Soft Pink with Baby Blue Finish
  • That’s Logic – Matte Peach
  • Curiouser & Curiouser – Matte Sparkle Periwinkle Blue
  • Talking Flowers – Matte Lilac
  • Mad Tea Party – Matte Sage Green
  • Stark Raving Mad – Metallic True Green with Gold duochrome finish
  • That Way – Matte Pinky Taupe
  • AEIOU – Metallic Deep Blue with Purple Duochrome finish
  • Nothing’s Impossible – Matte Sparkle Black
  • Lose Something? – Pearlescent Glitter Metallic cool-toned red with Magenta Glitter
Alice in Wonderland ColourPop Eye Shadow Palette Open

ColourPop Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Party Eye Set

This enchanting eye set is perfect for creating mesmerizing eye looks for any tea party or special occasion. It includes three versatile Shadowstix inspired by Alice the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. These creamy sticks glide smoothly onto the lids for a vibrant, high-impact color payoff. The shades in this set are a fun surprise of non-traditional colors that can help create whimsical, Wonderland-inspired looks. Each of the sticks in this set are sold separately for $9, or the set can be purchased including all three for $24.

Alice in Wonderland ColourPop Eye Shadow Stick Set

Colors in these sticks are:

  • Full of Wonder – Alice Inspired – Metallic Silvery Baby Pink
  • Care for Tea? – Mad Hatter Inspired – Metallic Bright Emerald Green
  • Not All There – Cheshire Cat Inspired – Metallic Plummy Magenta

Colourpop Alice in Wonderland Wonderful Pout Lip Set

No Wonderland look is complete without a touch of magic on your lips. The Wonderful Pout Lip Set features two stunning Lip kits, one themed after Alice herself and the other after the Queen of Hearts. Each set comes with its own Lux Lipstick and Lux Gloss. The lipsticks provide rich pigment for the lips while the gloss provides that high shine finish we love. Each set can be purchased individually for $20 each or yu can buy the Wonderful Pout Lip Set that includes both for $30.

ColourPop Alice in Wonderland Topsy Turvy Lip Kit

The colors are:

  • Topsy Turvy – Alice Inspired – Bright Coral Pink Lipstick with a Sheer Opal Pink Gloss
  • Queen of Hearts – Warm Red Lipstick with a Blackened red gloss
Alice in Wonderland x ColourPop Queen of Hearts Lip Kit

ColourPop Alice in Wonderland Pure Madness Lip Mask

Lastly, let’s talk about the Pure Madness Lip Mask. This nourishing lip treatment is designed to hydrate and soothe lips. Infused with ingredients like shea butter, squalane, and vitamin e, this lip mask works to lock in moisture and promote a smoother, more supple pout. Simply apply it before bedtime and let it work its magic. Not only is this lip mask super effective but its packaged in an adorable little mushroom, AND has a birthday cake flavor. This lip mask retails for $12.

Alice in Wonderland x ColourPop Fourth Ray Beauty Pure Madness Overnight Lip Mask

ColourPop Alice in Wonderland Pressed Powder Blushes

The pressed powder blushes from the ColourPop Alice in Wonderland collectio are, designed to add a touch of magic to your cheeks. The “Oh Dear!” blush is a gorgeous warm pink shade that imparts a natural, radiant flush, perfect for a daytime look. While the “Silence” blush offers a deep berry hue, ideal for adding depth and drama to your evening makeup. Both blushes boast a finely-milled, buildable formula, allowing you to achieve a subtle glow or a more intense, Wonderland-inspired flush. Each blush is sold separately and retails for $14.

Alice in Wonderland Pressed Powder Blushes in Oh Dear! And Silence

Where to buy this collection?

I was able to pick the whole collection up in one click on Colourpop.com here.

The ColourPop Alice in Wonderland collection truly transports you to a whimsical world of makeup magic. With its enchanting packaging, stunning shades, and high-quality formulations, this collection is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of Wonderland to their makeup routine. I can’t wait to take this collection with me on my next Disneyland adventure and get the full Alice experience. For the price and value don’t be late for this very important collection. Head over to ColourPop to grab your favorites before they disappear down the rabbit hole!

Checkout my other reviews of some Disney inspired makeup. Recently, I picked up the Snow White collection and the It’s a Small World Collection. For a full look of this palette and my visit with the Mandalorian and the child, check out my youtube video here.

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